Lynn Anderson
Program Director, Counseling for Careers


Lynn Anderson is the program director for Counseling for Careers. She joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 2013 as Counseling for Careers coordinator for the school improvement team, bringing 34 years of experience in education. While at SREB, Lynn has developed and implemented a guidance initiative that provides students with the knowledge and skills to align goals, aspirations and interests toward a high school program of study that leads to postsecondary education and training. Counseling for Careers aligns core academics and career and technical programs to high-wage, high-demand career fields. Prior to SREB, Lynn was a high school educator, adjunct postsecondary professor, and educational and training consultant. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Lynn’s educational experience includes professional development provider and author with the National Freshmen Transition Initiative, High School Redesign, and the American Counseling Association.